Imam Tawhidi, Israeli Intelligence, and Plot Against Qatar

CJ Werleman
3 min readMay 11, 2022

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Despite being exposed as a liar, fraud, and fake Imam, who holds zero religious or academic qualifications, Tawhidi continues to be a darling of the Muslim hating far-right, the genocidal Hindu nationalist movement, and the Israel Lobby.

But in this week’s episode of The CJ Werleman Show, I revealed shocking new evidence that suggests Imam Tawhidi, the so-called “Imam of Peace,” has close ties to Israeli intelligence officials and Emirate royals, and was involved in a secret plot against Qatar.

First — here’s an email that was leaked to me recently. It allegedly shows correspondence sent from former Canadian ambassador to Israel Vivian Bercovici to Tawhidi on January 14.

I have since communicated directly with Ms. Bercovici, but despite my multiple requests to comment on the authenticity of this email and other texts, she has declined.

You can make of the email what you will, but what we do know about Bercovici is she worked for the notorious Israeli intelligence firm — Black Cube.

Black Cube was established by former Mossad operatives. The firm made international headlines in 2017, when it was revealed Hollywood film executive Harvey Weinstein hired the firm to dig up dirt on the women accusing him of rape and sexual assault.

According to CBC News, one of the messages Bercovici sent to a potential Black Cube client in 2019 says she can provide a wide range of services, including undercover surveillance, finding hidden information about third parties’ personal lives and tracing bank accounts and assets.

Now — here’s where things get even murkier between Bercovici and Tawhidi.

This program has obtained text messages that allegedly show Tawhidi telling Bercovici in September 2019 that he’s working on behalf of Emirate Princess Hend al-Qasami, whose son remains in custody of her former husband — Qatari Prince al Thani. Many of you will know the Princess by her Twitter account — Lady Velvet.

In the next communication, Tawhidi appears to be communicating directly with Princess Hend, offering to help her gain “leverage” over the Qatari government.

Tawhidi has declined to comment on the authenticity of these communications.

But if these communications are true — and there’s no reason to doubt they are not — then not only is Tawhidi a fake Imam, with zero religious and academic credentials, but also he’s working with the intelligence officials of foreign countries to advance the interests of anti-Muslim regimes, including Israel, India, and UAE, while also conspiring against individuals and governments in what can only be described as an international extortion racket.

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