Grooming Gangs: Quilliam Rewards its Racist Sponsors With Racist Report.

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Quilliam, a self-described “think tank” established by Maajid Nawaz, a close ally of the Islamophobia Industry, claims to be the “world’s first counter-extremism organization.”

Earlier this month Quilliam published a report titled, “Group-Based Child Exploitation: Dissecting Grooming Gangs.” It charges£9.99 for an electronic copy of the publication on its website, but you can download your very own copy free-of-charge by clicking here.

Now, before we delve headfirst into the report’s findings, it’s important you know who and what Quilliam represents, and the best way to do that is to follow their money.

But before we get to the cashola, let’s start with this 2006 photo of Maajid Nawaz:

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(pic via @Loonwatch)

Why is this photo relevant? Well, it shows Nawaz protesting against “Israel’s state terrorism” and “US imperialism” a decade ago. This photo is relevant because when you see how the sources of Nawaz’s funding has evolved over the years, you’ll see how this photo perfectly captures the power money has to corrupt, absolutely.

A fantastic investigative piece published by Loonwatch captures the metamorphosis of Maajid; from anti-Israel, anti-US imperialism human rights activist to race-baiting proponent of the Islamophobia Industry and US War on Terror in just a handful of years.

For instance, in 2006, at the time of the photo above, Nawaz wasn’t funded by anyone. In 2008, he founded Quilliam, however, thanks largely to anonymous Arab Gulf state sponsors, and in the organization’s founding statement, he proclaimed a promiment supporter of Hezbollah to be a “scholastic giant.”

Long story short, the UK government offered a bigger, better deal, granting Nawaz a £675,000 government contract to “investigate” and “counter” Islamic extremism, but when government money started to dry up in 2011, and having been “uniformly rejected by the Muslim community,” Nawaz suddenly turned to pro-Israel, far-right, and neoconservative groups for cash.

In turn, these organizations, which can be described as representing a cabal of Islamophobic groups, seized the opportunity to couch their anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian, and pro-Israel and pro-US imperialistic agenda behind Nawaz’s friendly, brown Muslim face, and by 2015 Nawaz was receiving more than half-million dollars per year from these groups, which brings us to where we are today with the release of Quilliam’s report into “grooming gangs.”

Given all of the above, it’s not surprising then that the report found that 84 percent of 264 convictions of grooming gang members were men of Asian origin, and even less surprising, it concluded with an assertion these gangs of mostly British-Pakistani men “have been influenced by the cultural conditions of their home country and a wider failure of British society to integrate these men into their adoptive culture.”

Basically, it reads as the sum total of every racist, white nationalist’s wet dream: a report that not so subtly evangelizes the purity and perfection of white society, one that is corrupted only by external villains and influences. The report reads like the platform of any ultranationalist, far right political party, blaming the demise of Western society on immigration, multiculturalism, and lack of ethnic assimilation. “We’’ll be saved, our jobs will return, and our streets will be safer when they leave or stop arriving” is the subtext to every racist narrative.

Quilliam’s sponsors, including the far right Templeton Foundation and a consortium of Muslim hating individuals and organizations, are well pleased in the findings produced in this report. Even America’s Nazis are delighted. Even the white supremacist website The Daily Stormer evangelized Quilliam’s report.

“See, it’s the Muslims,” racists of all stripes can now say, while holding up what looks like on the surface to be a robust report.

But the findings are laughable at best, and sinister at worst.

I mean, on one hand you have Quilliam’s report, one that’s underwritten by the group’s backers; and then on the other you have a report issued by Nazir Afzal, the Crown Prosecution Service’s lead on child sexual abuse and violence against women and girls, who has the role of overseeing ALL child sex abuse cases in England and Wales.

“We have come across cases all over the country and the ethnicity of the perpetrators varies depending on where you are … It is not the abusers’ race that defines them. It is their attitude to women that defines them,” stated Afzal.

Afzal also observes that the British media exaggerates and fixates on sex crimes carried out by minorities, while simultaneously ignoring and downplaying similar crimes carried out by whites, pointing to one case in which the conviction of 10 white members of a grooming gang was given zero media attention, which goes hand-in-hand with a study that found crimes perpetrated by Muslims are over-represented in the media by 449%.

Afzal doesn’t downplay the fact that Asian men are overrepresented in grooming gangs, but he blames practical reasons, rather than cultural explanations, observing that “grooming scandals” tend to occur in areas where the “night-time economy” exists, one that is predominately occupied by lower wage earning Asian men, including take out restaurant workers, barmen, taxi drivers, cleaners etc. Hence he argues that evidence demonstrates that victims were not targeted because they were white but because they were vulnerable, and that the usual lures of the “night-time economy,” including alcohol, drugs, fast food, and the need for transport exacerbated their vulnerability.

“Where you have Pakistani men, Asian men, disproportionately employed in the night-time economy, they are going to be more involved in this kind of activity than perhaps white men are. We keep hearing people talk about a problem in the north and the Midlands, and that’s where you have lots of minicab drivers, lots of people employed in takeaways, from that kind of background. If you have a preponderance of Asians working in those fields, some of that number, a very small number of those people, will take advantage of the girls who have moved into their sphere of influence. It’s tragic,” says Afzal.

Similarly, did you know Labradors carry out the most dog attacks in the United States? Yes, Labradors! But not because Labradors are any more violent than any other breed of dog, obviously, but because there are simply way more of them than any other. It’s a sheer weight of numbers kinda thing.

Clearly, such nuance is absent from Quilliam’s report into sexual violence, but Quilliam isn’t paid by its Muslim hating, far right sponsors to produce nuanced and robust analysis. It’s paid to provide a pseudo-academic justification for policies that make life harder for Muslims living in the West.

In that sense, the aim of Quilliam is very much in synch with ISIS, forcing Muslims to choose between staying in oppressive anti-Muslim, Western societies or fleeing for a pseudo-caliphate, wherever.

Moreover, you’ll never see Quilliam produce a report into pedophilia rings. Why? Well, 100 per cent of recorded group offenders, who abuse children because of long-standing paedophilic interest, are WHITE, according to a CEOP published study.

But this is Quilliam, an opportunistic, cash-seeking vehicle that is dressed up as a “think tank” for the purpose of selling its wares to the highest bidder, and it just so happens that in today’s climate of anti-Muslim hysterics, the highest bidders are those who hate Muslims.

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