[EXPOSED]: Hindutva Men Target Muslim Women and Children With Sexual Violence on Reddit

CJ Werleman
3 min readJan 13, 2022


(pic via Tech Outlook)

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The online fake “auction” of Muslim women in India is the latest effort by Hindu nationalists to intimidate their critics into silence, representative of the way in which these thugs are weaponizing sexualized violence in the cyber realm.

But this doesn’t even begin to capture India’s descent into the moral abyss under the Hindutva driven Modi government.

This week, an Indian activist directed me to several pro-Hindutva groups on Reddit.com, including a sub-Reddit titled “Muslimahs for Hindu Men,” where Muslim women and children are sexualized in the most grotesque, dehumanizing and violent ways imaginable.

In each post, radicalized Hindu men encourage each other to mass rape Muslim women and children, or force them into sexual slavery on the way to transforming India into a “Hindu rashtra” (Hindu only nation).

Some of these groups have as many as 15,000 followers.

These screenshots, which I have blurred because of their explicit nature, are illustrative of the anti-Muslim hate found on these pages:

Notably, calls for the abduction and rape of Muslim women are not only being seen and heard on Reddit and even dark corners of the Internet, but also at political rallies attended by members of the country’s ruling party and security forces, as seen here.

Sexualized violence against Muslim women has become so normalized that would-be Hindu rapists post their threats online and in broad daylight without fear of consequence.

Moreover, rape has been justified as a legitimate political tool by Hindutva leaders, including the late Veer Savarkar, who urged Hindu men to treat Muslim women as “enemies” in his book Six Glorious Epochs of Indian History, accusing them of playing their “devilish part in the harassment and molestation of Hindu women.”

As Indian scholar Shiva Vandana noted in her 2003 book India Divided: Diversity and Democracy Under Attack, “Young boys have been taught to burn, rape and kill in the name of Hindutva.”

The 2002 Gujarat Pogrom, which left more than 2,000 Muslims dead and thousands more raped, was the first manifestation of this modern day rape culture against Muslim women

Sexualized threats and intimidation against Muslims online eventually manifests into sexual violence against Muslims on the streets.

Reddit must do more to track and terminate pro-Hindutva accounts and pages from its platform.

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