Burma’s “Bin Laden” Compares Rohingya Muslims to Animals Who Eat With Their Asses.

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Wirathu is a 49-year-old Buddhist monk who describes himself as the “Burmese Bin Laden.” For years he has urged violence and state terrorism against Myanmar’s 1.3 million Rohingya Muslim population.

Leading a monestry that is home to more than 2,500 of the country’s monks, and a radicalized group known as the 969 Movement, Wirathu has portrayed Rohingya Muslims as a dangerous, persistent threat to Myanmar society.

As the Myanmar state carries out an orchestated and escalated ethnic cleansing campaign against Rohingya Muslims, with verified reports of mass killings, torture, rape, looting, beatings, and dispossession, Wirathu urged civilians to take part in the genocide by joining local armed militia groups.

On Sunday, Wirathu delivered a speech that could only be described as one that would make ISIS leader al-Baghdadi blush with embarrassment, describing Rohingya Muslims as “animals who eat with their asses.”

“Do these animals [Rohinga Muslims] eat with their asses when they have meals?” Wirathu asked a large group of supporters. “For example, do they put their rice into their bottoms instead of their mouths? When they go to toilets, do they invert their asses and excrete from their mouths?”

He added that Rohinga Muslims are “beasts, who are opposite to all in everything, and are claiming they are natives of Myanmar.” And in earlier sermons has warned Muslims “target innocent Burmese girls and rape them.”

In normal times, Wirathu’s words could only be described as intent to incite violence, but these are not normal times. Today Myanmar is in the midst of carrying out a genocide against Rohingya Muslims. His words serve as the equivalent of the train tracks that carried Jewish Europeans to their deaths during the Nazi led Holocaust. His words and influence are every bit as heinous and threatening as those uttered by the most depraved wannabe Salafi-Jihadist sycophants.

But he is not a Muslim. Were he an extremist follower of even the most perverted interpretations of the Islamic faith, his sermons would receive international coverage and global condemnation, but as a Buddhist extremist his dehumanizing vulgarities are ignored.

Were Wirthau a Muslim his name would not only be be added to the United States’ Global Terrorism Sanctions List, but also US drones would now be flying over the skies of Myanmar while deployed US special forces would be on the ground, hunting him down.

Ultimately, Wirathu serves as a reminder that terrorism does not belong to any one religion, but in fixating on the threats made by those who are Muslim while at the same time ignoring those who threaten Muslims, we validate those who seek to portray Islam as uniquely threatening for their own depraved motives and agendas.

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